Yay! We're going Out-Out!

Who knew that the prospect of going to a pub could be sooooo exciting?!

And who knew that the thought a trip to the local might be scary too??! People?😨 Drinking?😯 In confined spaces?😱IS IT TOO SOON?💀????

Funny old world we've landed in.

It's been so strange watching the local bars and pubs getting ready to re-open like it's the beginning of a holiday season - though with the addition of super-disinfectants; industrial steam cleaning machines; Karchering and sterilisation not to mention the social distancing stickers and the removal of most items of furniture and drinking implements.

But, even if you can't speak to anyone.

Even if only four people are allowed in a bar at once.

Even if you can't stay for long or go to the loo.

Even if you have to pre book and pre order, and drink out of plastic cups or paper cartons whilst wearing a mask and socially distancing.

Whatever the rules, it's a chance to go OUT. It's somewhere that's NOT MY HOUSE which, frankly, I'm sick of the sight of! I need a new couch too. It's been sat on so much the cushions have collapsed under duress!

As a 'hugger' it will be weird though to possibly see someone I've not seen for months but only be able to wave at them across a room, maybe raise eyebrows in an odd kind of face dance to show I'm fine. You can't see if someone's smiling behind a mask.

Maybe people will need to start carrying tasers too, to ward off any lairy drunks (like me) or space encroachers that start getting too close after a cocktail or two. Or have a safe word that you shout. Like MOVE.

Although I've got used to at-home drinking and paying a few quid for a six pack or a fiver for a whole bottle of wine instead of for a glass and I've now got a gin selection to rival any bar, it'll be worth spending a few more quid just to see another wall and sit on a different chair. That's if you're allowed to sit of course.

Just won't be able to afford (or need) the copious quantities I've been used to.

Hopefully going out will help me cut down on my drinking!

I've been planning my going-out-post-lockdown outfit for some time now.

Sadly though the outfit (or indeed any outfit that isn't elasticated) appears to have somehow shrunk.

Weird. They fitted fine before lockdown🤔. Must have washed them funny...

Wearing clothes with zips and buttons will be a challenge and a novelty. Good job places aren't open too late. I'll probably give myself a hernia if my stomach has to be too restricted for any length of time. Must wear a very baggy top just in case. May even iron something too.... if I can remember how to use an iron.

Anyway, whether you've decided it's too soon to go out or you're just too frightened to show off your grey roots or crazy corona hair in public. Whether you're going to be queueing overnight to be the first one over a drinking establishment's threshold or are still happy to be holed up at home, whatever you choose, I hope you all have a great weekend!

Out or In?? Which camp are you in??!

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