Ten fab kitchen gadgets under a tenner (well two are a little bit more)

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

To be honest, I’ve never spent as much time in my kitchen as much as I have done over the past three months. Or is it 4? 5??. I’ve lost all track of time.

As my kitchen is currently an office for two, as well as the location of anything edible, it seems to have had a lot more traffic lately. If I did a heat map of the room, I think the path from entrance to fridge would be a scarily bright red area.

Due to the distinct lack of eating out opportunities, less time visiting my mum, and general lack of leaving the house opportunities, I’ve also been cooking at home more.

Fortunately, I’m not a huge recipe fan, preferring to make it up as I go along with whatever's to hand. Nothing like planning to make spaghetti bolognese and then when you Click and Collect your order find there's no spaghetti or minced meat in it and they've been replaced with spaghetti hoops and a packet of sausages.

I’ve embraced the Ready Steady Cook kind of cooking, pre supermarket trip, having to rustle up something meal-like with the last few things in the fridge and cupboard.

Eggs are just so fabulous!!! Last ages and so versatile that they need a blog of their own! An egg blog.

If anyone’s read my Food and Insomnia post, Alphabetical Ways with Eggs was one of my lockdown middle of the night cant’ sleep food lists!!

As I know we’re all in a similar boat and still unsure when or how we’ll be eating out again, I’ve compiled a list of gadgets that may make cooking simpler or just more interesting!

In celebration of the egg, two of the following gadgets are egg related.

See the gallery at the bottom for pics

Ten gadgets under a tenner (well nearly - two are under £13!)

Stainless steel fried egg / pancake cooking ring - £2.69

Jazz up your eggs and keep them tidy with this four shaped gadget Heart, star; flower and circle. Makes egg on toast much more exciting!

Colour changing egg timer - £3.99

This gadget changes colour when your eggs are done to the way you like them. Reacts with the heat so you can clearly see if your egg is soft, medium or hard boiled – no matter what temperature, nor how many eggs!

Avocado storage pod - £4

Simple – it keeps your avocado from growing brown and nasty looking for longer

Meat Injector for Adding Flavour Marinades, Herbs, Seasoning and Sauces - £11.55

If you want the flavour basted onto the outside of the meat on the inside; try injecting your chicken or joint with the marinade. Keeps it moist as well as extra-tasty. My mum used to do this with mine and my brother’s favourite meal ‘smelly meat’ – meat basted in Nazir’s curry paste and garlic if I remember?! My dad was a dentist and he used to bring syringes home for her to use. Never questioned it at the time..

Garlic peeler £4.50

Love garlic? Fed up with stinky hands?? Just roll the garlic around inside this silicone roller and the garlic peels itself!!

Chili Herb Infuser - - £9.95

Handy and cute. Just shove all your fresh herbs or spices into this chilli shaped silicon holder. Bung it in your soup or casserole – voila! Saves your guests from choking on little stalks of thyme or rosemary later.

Non-stick Raclette cheese melting pan £12.95

I love this!! Melt cheese over tea lights!!! Dip stuff in! Pour it over stuff! Add some herbs! Or alcohol! What’s not to like! (comes with frame, spatula, and 3 tea lights) The foldable design is portable, easy to clean, dishwasher safe.

There are other types that can be used on a barbecue too!

Reusable bamboo straws - £6.95

Set of Bamboo Straws, 100% natural organic bamboo, 100% Environmentally sustainable. Includes cotton storage pouch and cleaning brush, washable, fully biodegradable & compostable. Perfect with a nice big

G & T

Herb scissors - £6

Who knew these existed? These Pro Cook herb scissors make chopping herbs fast and simple. Hold the stems and let the scissors five blades do their work as you snip the herbs directly into your dish. That’s obviously if you’ve not bunged all your herbs into your chilli her diffuser first 😁

3d Skull ice cube mould - £5.49

Add some edge to your cocktails. Or your whisk. Or your lager or wine if you must,

Add water. Close Lid Freeze.

Anyone got any great gadgets they want to share? Or any daft ones, cute one, pointless ones, ones that they can't manage without....

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