Snacking. Good or bad? Discuss!

Snacking : "a small portion of food or drink or a light meal, especially one eaten between regular meals"

Hmmmm very ambiguous. Small. Who's definition of 'small' is that??

Regular meals? How regular is regular??🤔

I have a friend,

Ella, who never (and I mean NEVER) snacks between meals. I know! Weird!! 🤯

But she eats - and eats well, 3 times a day. Proper meals. She's Italian so it's often large plates of home cooked pasta - sometimes followed by another meat / fish course. She's not got an inch of fat on her - though she's not stick thin or weight obsessed. She just never seems to be hungry or tempted to eat crisps or chocolates or other 'snacky' foods.

Every time I've offered her a biscuit / some crisps / cake some other crap to try and break her, she just says 'no thanks'. And I've been trying for years!! It's amazing!! I can't remember the last time I refused food!

When I've asked her Why??!! How??!! she just says 'it's just something I've never done'.... Fascinating😂

So, the pasta goes against the principles of the low carb diet but is a plus for the Mediterranean diet.

Or maybe its just a minus for the none-foods I tuck into like the crisps, biscuits, cake, chocolate...

I on the other hand could graze 24 hours a day if I let myself. I just don't seem to have a Full button.

I can be eating one meal whilst thinking 'hmm what will I be eating next'? (I'm only five foot 1 and a half and I must have a freakish metabolism as I don't look anywhere near as big as I ought to do with the country sized amounts of calories I consume daily. People are quite astonished by the amount food I can pack away.

I've fine tuned my hand-to- mouth action speed and am often surprised to look down to see my (family size) bag of crisps already empty within seconds of me of opening them. Shame there's no Olympic sport for bag and packet emptying.

Fortunately, I actually like all types of snack - so I am just as a happy with a stick of celery or a carrot as a double chocolate brownie - as long as my jaw is moving, I'm fine.

As for "small portion" - my portion seems to be packet; bag; jar; box.

Bag open = contents finished.

Every time I eat my insulin levels thinks ooh here we go again, more glucose to store and they must be at a permanent high. Perhaps a diabetic test is in order.

I do think that if my body was transparent and I could actually SEE what I'd eaten I'd be horrified at the amount and the mixture and rein my intake in!!!

So. Snacking. Before I snack my way to diabetes, I shall try Ella's example of no snacking between meals. Or only snacking on the healthy stuff.

But perhaps not just yet. It is Wednesday after all..

PS I've never thought of a drink as a snack??! Have you?

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