Mucking about with menus part 2

I know it's very easy to pull apart and make fun of the creative descriptions of chefs but it must be really irritating for them when the customers start deconstructing their painstakingly and lovingly prepared menu...

You know the ones.

"I'll have the stew please. But can I have it without the onions and carrots? Oh and without the beef??And can I have extra gravy? But no dumplings"

I was with someone once who somehow managed to recreate a whole dish without the waiter actually realising what they'd agreed to.

Example. 'Please can I have the Avocado and Bacon sandwich. But if instead of the bacon I could have chicken that would be great, and I'm allergic to avocado so can I change that for a baked potato. And can you leave off the bread. and swap it for a side salad instead. With no tomatoes. Great. Thanks.

So the avocado and bacon sandwich is now a chicken salad with a baked potato.. Phenomenal to observe and see the bemused waiter retreating to the kitchen scratching his head wondering what had happened and how he would put the order through to the chef..."

Must be a nightmare constructing a menu these days catering for all food groups. Apparently there are 14 allergen groups, from crustaceans to celery, molluscs to milk to watch out for.

It's a minefield. I once toyed with the idea of making soups and doing a soup delivery service but panicked at the thought a rogue nut might get into the soup and cause untold catastrophe. That idea, sadly, was short lived.

But as well as creating recipes to cater safely for the different allergy sufferers, there are also at least 9 types of 'arians, 'isms and 'gans if chefs really want their menu to be accessible to all...

Who knew about Beeganism (vegans who try and include honey and insect derived products in their diet to in order to help sustain the beekeeping industry)

Flexitarians (mainly plant based diet, but eats meat occasionally)

Fruitarians (diet must be at least 75% fruit),

Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian - (no meat but can eat eggs and dairy products),

Raw Vegan - (vegan diet but only food that is raw but has not been heated to more than 115 degrees - the belief that its better for heart health and that food loses vital ingredients and can become harmful to the body abve certain temperatures.)

I think - and I'm not proud of this (well maybe a little) - that I'm an Omni / Total - arian. Basically I eat most things classed as edible. (and probably some things inedible too...)

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