Mindless eating

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

If I open the fridge and something is there and easy to eat, I generally eat it. Hungry or not.It's like a weird kind of chemical reaction or compulsion that when I see food. It Must Enter My Mouth,

This could be left overs - savoury or sweet; open packets of anything; open jars of things- in fact, anything easy to access and in my line of vision.

Time of day is irrelevant too. Olives or cold cottage pie with/for breakfast - fine.

Similar with cupboards too. Open packets of biscuits; crackers; nuts; uncooked pasta - all fair game at whatever time the cupboard door happens to be opened.

Soooooo.To stop this mindless eating, I wondered if I moved these items - eg out of eyeline; got rid of them or stored them in harder to access containers. Would I eat less?? Simple answer is YES!!

For example, a bottle of opened wine left out on the worktop which caught my eye when I came in from work the other day waved at me and said 'hi, you need some wine don't you?' 'Oh yes, yes, good idea, thank you I will' and duly obliged..

When I put this chatty bottle out of view in the cupboard (it was red) it said absolutely nothing as I couldn't see it. Well - until I looked in the larder cupboard when it waved at me again. And again when I went to put something back. Note to self: Must put it behind a big box or something...

Same as the tin (well small plastic box these days) with the last few unwanted and sad looking Quality Street left on the coffee table. Eyes & Brain - 'ooh chocolates!. Hand - take. Mouth - in here, in here!!.

So. instead of letting my hand automatically enter the tin and eating a handful of sweets I don't really like into my mouth I got up and - THREW THEM AWAY‍😱!! And nothing bad happened.

Until I went back to the bin an hour later and scraped off the carrot peelings to dig them about then,

Open packets of anything I try to store in boxes / jars and put on higher shelves - out of sight, out of mind.

Leftovers I freeze instead of leaving them to whistle at me in an easy to access bowl in the fridge - if I can't see it, I don't want it!

And to polish my halo and try and appease my inner greed - as I'm typing this. my roving eye has just caught sight of the glass full of celery sticks winking at me from the window ledge. Ooh yes food. I must have. So my jaw is still happy and my body even happier. Perfect!!

So I'm going to end this here.

If you're like me and don't want to snack and binge unnecessarily and at any given moment - MOVE THINGS!

Hide them, box them, bin them, freeze them or don't buy them in the first place.

Or just buy healthy things and stick those in front of your nose instead.

It seems to be working for me. I'm on my third stick of celery.


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