Supermarket shopping in Covid times

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Well, this is a whole new ball game for food obsessives like me! A green light to be consumed by foodie thoughts and a whole new army of people whose lives are now dominated by it.

Are 26 packets of spaghetti enough for 2 days? Should I brave the shops? What can I make with a can of chickpeas and some cheddar cheese?

I expect many are like me. I went to the shops just before the main 'stayathome' but was so worried about being considered a 'stockpiler' that I hardly bought anything. When my lunch was a banana and half a tin of corn, I thought it was maybe time to restock. So I headed back yesterday - I must say apprehensively - for a top up.

Disposable gloves and hand sanitiser in hand (does one cancel out the other??) I braced myself to enter Morrissons...Who'd have thought in those heady days of winter that popping to the shops would be such a minefield.

All orderly outside - had to wait to go in till the bloke in front had entered, was then handed a wiped down trolley. All great apart from the crowd of people leaving through the same door so kind of defeating the queuing-at-a-safe-distance-to-get-in objective.

Inside was like being in a weird computer game. Mission - try and get the items on your shopping list without bumping into other shoppers or staff to avoid spreading or contracting a deadly virus, whilst trying simultaneously to source suitable replacements for out of stock items as quickly as you can. Go!!

I wasn't very good.

Every aisle I turned into seemed to be full of people heading for me so I had to keep reversing and trying the next one, a bit like a more dangerous version of Pac-Man. But then I'd missed the item I was after which meant a lot of double-backing and looping and spending a lot more time in store than intended. Who knew a trip to buy some veg and bread could be so stressful...

Then you move on to level 2 of the game. Unpacking your shopping once home...

Here, the objective is to unload goods, killl any potential lurking viruses before they enter your house so protecting yourself and others from possible infection. This is all about strategy and planning. Using a combination of gloves, antibacterial wipes and /or disinfectant spray and complex methodology get your shopping from bags and into the fridge, freezer or cupboard without touching any other surfaces. This is not as straightforward as it sounds.

Who knows how many people touched or coughed on that banana before you?? What if that family pack of crisps has been manhandled by seventeen possible disease-spreading people in the last two days??

If you shopped in disposable gloves do you now have to replace them to unpack or can you just wash your hands?? Are your shopping bags now contaminated? Can you spray your fruit with Dettol or will you just poison yourself which defeats the whole object.

Best option? Just have a lie down, eke out the rest of the tin of corn and leave everything outside for a week and hope any lurking germs will die of natural causes🤔

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