Cooking from scratch? Some Pros and Some Cons

Updated: Jul 5, 2020


  • You know exactly what's going into your food. You'd remember if you'd added horse.

  • You're in charge! If you want ten scotch bonnet chillies, you can have ten.

  • It's satisfying to see your end result. Occasionally.

  • It can be fun. Sometimes

  • You can make batches and freeze. Though I tend to eat all the batches at once.

  • It can be more cost efficient. Not if you're eating all the batches at once.

  • Fresh ingredients. Free from E numbers, palm oil, MSG, artificial colouring and other popular additives. If you remember to get your fresh ingredients.


  • It's time consuming. Peeling potatoes v opening a bag? Hmmm...

  • Cost of buying lots of individual ingredients can make it expensive especially if you're catering for one! Two sprigs of thyme ? Where can you buy just two sprigs?? 1 tablespoons of muscovado sugar?? Bloody extravagant for one teaspoon.

  • You invariably don't have at least one of the key recipe ingredients. Who generally has fresh nutmeg / figs / radishes to hand?

  • Burnt, shrivelled up food isn't very nice

  • When you're hungry you just want to EAT


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